Tips for Training Staff in Your Janitorial Service

We learn so many things in our lives through people, new experiences and even certain occurrences. However, when you do a job it is a must that you learn all areas that are connected to your job role. This applies to any job regardless of what it is. If you own a business which provides cleaning or janitorial services you will need to hire people to work for you. Such people should be hardworking and committed to get the work done for your clients. Moreover, it is very important that they are able to give a service that would retain the goodwill of your company. This may require some extra training before and even while they are deployed. There are a few important tips that can be helpful while training them.


Be Understanding

Providing services such as commercial property maintenance and cleaning for Melbourne CBD is not the easiest task to fulfil. The requirement of manual labour is quite high when such services are concerned. Therefore, it is important to understand and be empathetic with your staff at all times. This will help you win their hearts and trust and any happy employee will be a good employee. When training them make sure to be understanding if they take time to learn about certain things.


It is important that you let them know what is needed from them. Therefore, at the initial point it is a must that you let them clearly know about their job description and what it entails. It is always good to hire employees who have prior experiences in working as janitorial staff. But there will always be freshers who may need to join. Therefore, providing clarity in terms of what they have to do and the rules and regulations is a must. Further, if the client requires any special services or if there are special kinds of rules that applies to them while in the client’s building.

Equipment Handling

There will be different kinds of cleaning equipment that they will have to use when providing janitorial services to your clients. Some of these tools and equipment may be ones that are easy to handle while others may need a little bit of instructions. Therefore, it is important that you give a proper training to them on how certain equipment should be handled. This will save them a lot of time and avoid any potential mishaps.

Be Informative

Make sure to let them know what to expect during their job. This will give them the needed heads up to face any issue. For an example, you can share experiences and real- life situations that they might find themselves in. It is always good to be informative and to be real with them since it will make things easier.

The above are a few important tips that can be very helpful while training employees that work for your janitorial service providing company. Furthermore, make sure to ask for their opinions and also listen to their concerns if there are any. Make sure to make all training and learning experiences valuable and fruitful ones.


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