How Do You Buy Studio Gear Online?

If you want to buy studio gear online, you should be careful who you purchase from. Below, we’ll be discussing everything you should keep in mind when undertaking this task. So, keep reading.

Is It An Accredited Seller?

Research the retailer heavily. This shouldn’t be the case for only camera gear but anything you want to purchase, especially online. The person you’re looking to buy the gear from should be renowned as a great retailer for studio equipment.

This reputation will ensure that you’re getting the best possible products, not getting scammed. You can make sure of this by doing researching. If they have many customer reviews you’re in goods hands, especially if everything you see is positive.

How Do They Sell Their Gear?

Studio equipment is not cheap. Frankly, they’re one of the most expensive types of gear in the market so you’ll be investing heavily. That’s why the platform the retailer uses is important. If their store is on a platform like eBay, it’s justified if you worry about your privacy as the site could easily be hacked, letting hackers gather all your card information.

That’s why the platform should be as secure as possible. Even if the seller seems great, this should be a priority when you’re searching for retailers online. Hopefully, they use their own websites. This allows them to be very secure, not risking you any damage.

You could do your own research, checking the site’s security accreditations. If your search provides positive results, you’re in good hands.

Are The Products Genuine?

Unfortunately, numerous sellers that provide camera gear sell items that aren’t genuine. So, they’re from fake brands. Thus, the fake vaxis storm 3000 you’re working with would severely affect video transmission.

Although the products could perform fine, you don’t want to be a victim of this as you’ll not be getting your money’s worth. Most of the time, studio equipment from genuine brands come with a certification of authenticity. You can speak to the sellers and gather if the products they sell offer this certification. If they seem clueless, it’s safe to say the gear is not genuine.

While going through customer reviews, look closely for anything that mentions the authenticity of the products  offered.

Are They Easy To Communicate With?

The person you’re purchasing equipment for your studio should be easy to communicate with. The gear is quite fragile, making it expensive to ship out. That’s why you two need to cooperate as much as possible, ensuring this process goes smoothly.

If he doesn’t communicate well, the shipping experience would be horrible for you as you won’t know what is happening.

Do You Get A Warranty?

As the gear is expensive and fragile, you need a warranty to insure the items you’ve just bought. If the retailer does not offer warranty for your studio equipment, it’s best to forget about him.

If you consider the above points, you’ll have everything you need to know when finding an online store to purchase your gear from.


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