Essential Qualities of An Effective Conference Room

You might not know it but conference rooms are now also for hire. If you are looking for one for whatever purpose it may serve your business, you have to be discerning when choosing one because an effective conference room might be the reason why your life changes after closing a very important deal.

Similar to other things that could be rented out, you could rent a conference room for hourly or daily use. Most conference rooms for rent are situated in venues like training centres, hotels and business centres. This is ideal especially if you are meeting with an out of towner and they are staying in one of the premier hotels. After all, you are after their convenience. Other than a convenient location, there are other essential qualities you have to look for before you book a conference room for rent.

Professional Ambiance

Of course, you want to show your client or whoever you are meeting that you are professional so it would be easier for them to trust you with their business. The conference room that you hire should be a reflection of who you are and the company that you represent.

As a rule of thumb, put yourself in the position of the person or individual that you are meeting. If you would meet and talk about a million-dollar deal in this conference room, would you sign it? In this way, it would easier for you to see if you would be impressed with yourself or not. Just by changing your perspective a bit and you would have a clearer idea of the conference room’s effectivity.


Most of the best conference venues Geelong are equipped with facilities such as a strong and reliable wi-fi connection, projector, video conferencing system, microphone for the speakers and attendees with questions, printer, etc. which are some of the basics. Of course, there are other facilities that you might require which might not be included in the initial rent. Just be flexible and or allot extra resources so you would be able to provide the attendees with the facilities they need during the meeting sessions.


We might not have an idea about the other attendees of our meeting, conference or workshop and there might be those who would need extra assistance. It is better to be prepared beforehand. If you could ask, it would be better. But to be on the safe side and to not be accused of exclusion, choose a conference room that could be accessed by everyone.

You could either choose one that is on the ground floor or near a ramp. Is the elevator accessible? At least with this, the attendees could see that you are thinking about their comfort and you have provided them with the amenities that they need.

These might seem little considerations but once you have started the meeting and the attendees began thanking you and appreciating the little things that you have thought of, you’d see that it would go a long way especially if you need them to agree in your favour.


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