Benefits of Small Businesses to Local Economy

Small businesses are the foundation of every economy. Most of the economic output is by small businesses and hence they contribute immensely to economic growth. They bring together people from the local community and produces goods, making these communities self-sufficient and independent. If you’ve been planning on opening up your own business, here are some benefits to show you why you need open it up soon.

  1. Innovation and growth

Any big brand today did not start that way. They all started off as a small business, conducted in a garage, shed or college dorm room. The biggest companies such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay or Coca Cola were able to achieve such greatness due to its creative thinking and innovative products. Many of the things we consume today are made by multinational companies and hence to stand out, small businesses need to do things different. That is where the innovation comes in. They will create new and improved products that give them a competitive edge in the market. Also, innovations can come in due to a problem in your area. For example, if your area is affected by volcanoes, someone could come up with a sensor to alarm the town in time to evacuate.


  1. Creates jobs locally

Local businesses create many jobs than the multinational big guys. Local businesses value relationships with people and use less automation and hence more people will be required to get the job done, unlike the multinationals that use robots to do everything. This will ensure that income will be circulated among the local community. Statistics have shown that small businesses usually account for a major portion of the country’s total employment and hence encouraging them is beneficial.

  1. Community identity

As the community comes together, they will work to build a shared community identity among others. This can be done by adopting various practices unanimously in the whole town and making them traditions as time goes on. For example, communities make use of resources that are special to their area and make products and distribute all over the country. So ultimately, your town might be known to have the best home-made jam of the country. Or rather, it could be certain practices such as a special greeting that all shop owners adopt, so whenever someone walks in, they know to expect a warm welcome from you.

  1. Diversity in business ownership

Women and minorities get the opportunity to establish themselves in the community by starting their own businesses. Many federal loans and grants are available for such people who are willing to stand up on their own and pursue their dreams.


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