Baby Shower Gift Ideas To Know

If your close friend or one of your family member is expecting then it is your duty to make sure that during these nine months they are extremely happy. This is because mothers who are happy and calm give birth to healthy and normal babies. You should also gift them something to make them happy. So here are a few things you could do as a gift for them:

Plan A Surprise Baby Shower

Yes, you could indeed plan a surprise baby shower which would be their gift. This is a unique idea and this will make them happy because they will feel loved and appreciated. So you could get your hands dirty with some planning. You could either do this at someone’s place or at a hotel. If you keep it at home you will have to do a lot of work in terms of planning. So start with deciding the theme of the party, ideally you could do a gender reveal theme where everyone is wearing a particular colour code.

For example if your friend is expecting a girl you could wear pink and the theme should be Barbie or hello kitty. If she is expecting a boy then the colour code could be blue and the decoration could be of some super heroes. Apart from that decide on the food, make sure it is super cute so they should be in line with the theme. For example get coloured cupcakes, they look super cute and total instagram worthy to post pictures. Don’t forget the baby shower games such as tasting the poo, this is when the chocolate mixture is spread in pampers and the to-be mother has to decide what it has. Lastly, you also need to gift something to your friend, so you could get a hamper with some baby gifts. Every mother loves new things for their child so you could get yours from Mi Baloo. They offer all that a mother needs such as nappy kits,  breast feeding cover and even a voucher for professional photos of the belly. This would be particularly useful as she can take pictures of every stage and show it to the baby once he/she grows up.

Out Of The Box

You could even go out of the box and gift something to the mother post childbirth. For example once the name is decided you could get a customized board with their name printed and the date of birth. This could be cherished lifelong and they could even keep for some of the photo-shoots. Apart from that you could walk in to the hospital with some customized balloons which are easily available in the market today which says “it’s a girl” or “ it’s a boy”. Another great idea is to walk in with some customized cupcakes this too would be useful because it could be shared with the other guests who visit to see the baby and the mother.

Hope the above ideas were useful and you were able to decide what you finally want to give your friend before or after she gives birth.


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