Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is a useful technology that helps engineers create a 3D digital image of anything – from landscapes, prototypes, and many more. With the use of laser light, the scanner creates an image of the object by recording these points on a Cartesian coordinate plane. With these cluster of points, you can now create a digital file of the scanned object.

3D laser scanning has a wide variety of applications – surveying, reverse engineering, creating prototypes, archaeology and many more. Read along to learn more about the many advantages of 3D laser scanning.


One of the great advantages you can enjoy with 3D laser scanning is its accuracy. Data points that are gathered with the use of laser light is recorded in the most accurate and precise way, giving you a 3D image that is the closest copy of the object being scanned. It saves you much time in completing a project since you already have an accurate digital image even on the first time of scanning.

Speedy and Detailed Scans

Manual measuring such as using traditional surveying tools takes a lot of time to complete. With this equipment, you can perform measurements one point at a time. It would definitely take you days especially if you’re measuring a larger object or terrain. 3D laser scanning services speeds up this task and provides a more detailed image of the scanned object.

It is capable of recording hundreds or even thousands of data points in one time, scanning the object as you move the 3D scanner through it. Aside from the speed, 3D laser scanning also provides a more detailed image of the object or terrain. With the use of a 3D laser scanner, you can complete a digital image within a few hours or days depending on the size of what you’re scanning. Your project can also progress at a faster rate when you already have all the details you need to begin with.


You don’t need to touch the object or go to the site you are scanning when using a 3D laser scanner. Since this device works with the use of laser light, it can create a digital image of the object without contact as long as the light reaches its surface. It is a really useful feature especially when measuring fragile or tiny objects.

It also keeps the worker safe when surveying dangerous areas. A 3D laser scanner can measure and record data accurately even when they are measuring areas several hundred meters away. Since laser surveying does the job faster than manual measuring, workers don’t need to be exposed for a long time on dangerous areas keeping them safer while they do their work.

3D laser scanning definitely has a lot of benefits to offer. For faster progress in construction, surveying or any projects that require digital imaging, it would be best to use this kind of technology. Contact your trusted 3D laser scanning services if you want the job done.


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