A Social Media Playbook for Marketing to Generation Z

For the longest time, much of businesses’ attention has been on the Millennial generation and with good reason. As far as buying power went, it was Millennials that had the greatest impact. Of course, this is a constantly changing demographic and the torch has been passed on once again.

Virtually all of the individuals who belong to Generation Z can now be considered as legal adults. This means that they are now in charge of the majority of their buying decisions. Thus, businesses need to improve the manner in which they target this demographic on social media.

As you can imagine, to do so, your business will have to come up with an entirely new marketing plan. While there are some similarities between Gen Z and the previous generation, there are actually more differences, particularly in the way that they use social media. So, if you want to strike while the iron is hot, these are the elements to include in your strategy:

Keep It Short

People’s attention spans keep getting shorter and shorter. There is also the fact that constant content means that your target audience’s attention is constantly been drawn away by something else. To this effect, you need to cut out posts and ads that are too long.

Therefore, it is all about getting to the point as quickly as you possibly can, while being creative. When it comes to text-based images, focus on short sentences and as few of them as possible. Making a video, instead? Then try to make it no longer than six to eight seconds.

In case you are wondering how on earth you can market with such limitations, don’t worry, as there is a catch here. See, Gen Z-ers will only pay attention to a short clip on Instagram. However, to learn more about the service or product, they will head over to YouTube. Here, you will be able to hold their attention for a little longer.

Stay On Trend

Do you feel like there is a new social media trend every few weeks? Well, it isn’t your imagination. Challenges and fads on social media tend to go viral very quickly. At the same time, they die out just as fast, meaning that you have very little time to jump on this bandwagon.

Of course, if you want to make inroads with Gen Z, this is exactly what you will need to do. Since this can be a rather mind boggling task to manage, it is best left up to an expert social media agency Melbourne. These companies have teams of people to stay abreast of all of these various trends. As such, they will better equipped to inform you of which fads will work for you and which ones will not. Not to mention, they can do this in a timely fashion as well.

Take On Social Responsibility

Individuals in the Gen Z demographic grew up surrounded by the concepts of activism and social change. Therefore, they are much more tuned in to such subject matter. As a result, they expect the companies and businesses that they engage with to have similar aspirations.

Thus, by taking on an environmental or social movement, you will increase the chances that these individuals will be loyal customers. At the same time, it is important to understand that Gen Z-ers will not be placated by empty words or stances. Instead, they expect you to make an actual effort. As such, you should create a marketing plan that includes donating proceeds, supporting campaigns, or taking some form of action.

Select the Right Influencers

Influencers are nothing new to companies winning the social media game. Businesses that wanted to do better online simply hired the right celebrities or athletes to help further their service or product. Now, Generation Z is just as susceptible to influencers.

Nevertheless, they are interested in superstars or famous people spouting sales pitches. This is because such form of social media advertising is seeming more disingenuous. This generation would much rather here from people just like them – an Average Joe. As such, real stories are much more like to get the effort and engagement that you are looking for. Understandably, this is great news for you as it allows you to save money on unnecessary celebrity endorsements.

As you can see, you may need to adjust your marketing strategy quite a bit with this newer generation. Nevertheless, if you make a real effort you will be able to see just how your engagement and return on investment will soar as well.


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