4 Tips That Ensure You House Moving Happens with Minimum Drama

Moving homes is not as uncommon as it used to be once upon a time. Nowadays, people often move in search of better home, better opportunities…and rarely have an attachment to the home they’re temporarily living in. But despite this, moving homes is still considered to be a dramatic change…especially if not done smartly. Here are 4 tips from our professionals that will be of use to you, if you’re on the verge of moving homes…

Hire the Right Professionals to Simplify Your Task

For a drama free move, the best tip we could give you is to opt for professional help where ever possible. Choose your removalists with care; making sure to pick a reputed service of your locality. For example, if you live in Keysborough, choose a removalist service in Keysborough that’s known for its excellent service. At the same time, make sure it’s a good deal; choosing a service that also offers additional things like packing or unpacking services.

Get A Head Start on It

Regardless to whether you’re moving only your belongings, or packing up and moving your entire family, it’s vital that you get a head start on your moving preparations to reduce the stress and drama that is attached to it. Try to start your packing at least 2 months prior to the moving date. You can begin by backing off season clothing, books you don’t need every day, and perhaps even a few ornaments and keep sakes. For example, if you’re moving in the summer, you wouldn’t need to use your winter clothing or Christmas decoration for the next 2 months; so, start there.

Remind Yourself That You Don’t Need Everything You Own in Your New Place

Having an attachment to your belongings is normal. However, what isn’t a great idea, is to hoard things you no longer need or use. The best way to avoid having to pack things that you’ll never use in your new home, is to divide your belongings into categories. Categorize them according to “to keep”, “to throw”, “to gift” or “to donate”, and “to sell”. To keep is simple; these are the items you simply cannot do without. “To throw” are the completely unusable. “To gift” and “to donate” would be the the pile of things that you’ve out grown the use for, but still can be used by someone else. Meanwhile, “to sell” will be those items that’ll bring you a little money in a yard sale…

Pack Smart

Avoid dumping things in piles in storage boxes while packing. This will only make things a nightmare for you when unpacking. Carefully label each box with not only a list of things in it, but also where the box needs to go when unloading. This makes the first few days after the move much easier for you. it’s also vital that you line the boxes containing valuables and fragile items with something that will protect the items, and clearly mark the items as fragile so they don’t suffer even if they get banged around.


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